When I was a little girl our family lived in a very small house that was built on my grandfather’s farm in Ohio. My father, who was also a musician, tinkered with things electronic and it was his great pride when he purchased our first tv set. It was a tiny thing, about eight inches from corner to corner. Its color had a kind of bluish or grey tone.

One of my first memories was sitting with my parents and brother and fixidly watching the coronation of Elizabeth II in 1953. I was nine. Now, many years later, I have been pleased to sing several of the musical settings from Coronation with the Maryland Choral Society on the occasion of its 50th anniversary which was performed in our local Episcopal Church on a Sunday afternoon. My dear late husband was also singing with us and so it also ranks especially high in my memory bank.

A televised moment of that 1953 recording is found among the many inspirational vignettes captured about this marvelous man and the choristers and musicians who so revered him and his talent. TBTG PS: How many of you were one of the twenty million viewers that day?

In my adult years I joined the Episcopal Church and I am sure that my love of the fine music featured in this story is one of the reasons I was drawn there.