Kohler Dunes
 Photo courtesy of Matthew John George

Following our show with Esther Sternberg, “The Science of Healing Places,” (see  the following posting on this subject) listeners continue to gift us with picturesque images of their physical sanctuaries and healing spaces. This might not be surprising, but the common themes we’ve noticed: home and nature.

In the photo above, Matthew John George takes us along the shores of Lake Michigan to the Kohler Dunes State Natural Area in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. While, in the photo below, Steve Gentile presents the best of both worlds — Kaaterskill Falls in New York, “which is in reality right in my backyard.” He posted this scene on our Facebook page and shared this important parting thought:

“Every sacred place could be embraced as ‘right in our backyard’ and we should confidently protect them as a part of our soul’s wellbeing.”

Steve Gentile (from Facebook)

Photo courtesy of Steve Gentile