When I awoke it was still dark and I ambled downstairs to let the dogs out in the yard.  Just as the Boston Terrier was starting back up the driveway she suddenly turned and disappeared alongside the house.

I waited for her at the front door and began to grow anxious as the time passed.  I went inside and caught up on my correspondence and thumbed through a National Geographic while I waited her return.   I put on my winter jacket to walk to the trail head of the nearby woods and began calling her name.  Except for my voice it was very quiet this morning and I could catch no glimpse of her anywhere.  I eventually walked back toward my home and calmed myself as best I could.  Then I noticed TODAY.

The morning is so beautiful.   The darkened colors have come alive in the sunshine:  deep burgandies, brown, gold and burnt auburn permeate the moist morning air.   Brush areas that just a few weeks ago were filled with green growth now reveal vistas of decaying ground cover, leaves, and deer trails in the distance.  Sunrays brighten the shadowed tree branches and glisten amidst autumn leaves.

After more than an hour had passed I heard Mika’s urgent whines at the front door.   I was filled with gratitude for her return.  I decided to take a few images of the beauty I had seen.  Then I thanked Mika and invited her upstairs to join me in the bedroom while I posted these photographs.    Not a bad way to start the day….