Jimmy has been my friend for over two and a half years.  We are frequent companions and enjoy good conversation, mutual affection, Thai cuisine, and occasional generous laughter together.  In September I accompanied him to Boston to meet his long time friends who live there.  He has been a special help to me in the loneliness of my husband’s loss.  He has been understanding and is always near if I need to talk or even shed a few tears.

He has dedicated his work as a scientist to the study of light, vision and color and continues to share his work in journal articles.

His favorite sport is watching trains.

Jimmy and his long-time friend Theanchai at the Old North Church Courtyard

His second favorite sport is trail walking.  We did some of that together this weekend and I captured a couple of I-phone photos of our time together, first at our local Panera, then out on the trail….

Jimmy walked a longer section of the trail while I doubled back to Livingston Road and took the car to meet him at a trail entrance on Bumpy Oak Road….it was a beautiful sunny day!

I dedicate this posting to Jimmy!