Well, Well, Well

Begins with refrain….
Well, Well, Well, Who’s that callin’?
Well, Well, Well, Hold my hand.
Well, Well, Well, Night is a-fallin’,
Spirit is a-movin’ all over this land.

Lord told Noah, Build him an ark,
Build it out of hickory bark.
Old ark a-movin’, and the water start to climb,
God send a fire, not a flood next time.


God said fire comin’ judgement day,
He said all mankind gonna pass away.
Brothers and sisters don’t you know?
You’re gonna reap just what you sow.


World’s not waitin’ for the Lord’s command,
Buildin’ a fire that’ll sweep the land.
Thunder out of heaven, comin’ Gabriel’s call;
And the sea’s gonna boil and the sky’s gonna fall.


Blow, Gabriel, Blow!

Do you hear that playin’?
(Yes, we hear that playin’.)
Do you know who’s playin’?
(No, who is that playin’?)

Why it’s Gabriel, Gabriel playin’.
Gabriel, Gabriel sayin’,
‘Will you be ready to go when I blow my horn?’

Oh blow, Gabriel, blow,
Go on and blow, Gabriel, blow!
I’ve been a sinner, I’ve been a scamp,
But now I’m willing to trim my lamp,
So blow, Gabriel, blow!

I was low, Gabriel, low,
Mighty low, Gabriel, low.
But now since I have seen the light,
I’m good by day and I’m good by night,
So blow, Gabriel, blow.

Once I was headed for hell,
Once I was headed for hell,
But when I got to Satan’s door
I heard you blowin’ on your horn once more,
So I said, ‘Satan, farewell!’

And now you’re all ready to fly,
Yes, to fly higher and higher and higher!
‘Cause you’ve gone through the brimstone and you’ve been through the fire,
And you’ve purged your soul and your heart too,
So climb up the mountain top and start to
Blow, Gabriel, blow.

Go on and blow, Gabriel, blow!
I want to join your happy band
And play all day in the Promised Land,
So blow, Gabriel, blow!