I am driving along the road.  It is a beautiful day.  The sun is shining.  It feels like morning.

The road becomes unfamiliar.  I become apprehensive.

I continue and am rounding a long curve in a city street.  Where am I?

I begin to feel like I cannot drive any further, that I will lose my balance or will fall asleep.

I quickly pull off to the side of the road.  I open my car door.  There is someone there.

I call out and ask them to help me.  They do.

I am out of the car.  I survey the landscape, again trying to figure out where I am.    Other women are near me.  They are looking at a car that has crashed into another and are apprehensive too.  We begin to compare notes.    I show them where my car is parked along side the roadway, pointing to it.  I can see it is not in danger now.

I look to my side and you appear.  Oh, Lewis, it’s you!  OH, thank God!

You are smiling and we take each other into our arms in relief.   I can feel the warmth of your touch, your embrace.  I can feel your cheek, the gentle rough of your shaven beard.  I am so happy.

As I enjoy your embrace and we hold onto each other I am inevitably torn from my dream, not wanting to leave you.

You were so happy to see me!   And I you!

I wanted to stay in the dream.