It is looking promising that I will have a new position at my current job location at Andrews AFB.  I lost my last one just three days ago and the promise of another spot there is looking very, very good. 

I really enjoy my colleagues and the challenges of our work together.  I will miss some aspects of victim advocacy, but will be relieved to get out of the fray of litigation and court room pressures.

There are dangers inherent in this work, dangers to the client and dangers to those who assist.  I have had enough of that intense stress and will be glad to provide counseling and assessment rather than advocacy services.

I do hope the Department of Defense will reopen the contract and provide these much needed services to our service personnel and their families.  Safety is the key issue, and without advocates the victims often remain voiceless and unprepared for the challenge of overcoming the abuse cycle.

I should know if the job is certain some time next week.