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John D sent me the photos of the murals in Holy Trinity Cathedral in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. I wanted to see pictures of the murals, about whose beauty I’d heard so much, but my online search proved fruitless. Perhaps, I was not diligent enough in my search, but then these two photos from John D landed in my mailbox. When I asked permission to post the pictures here, John D responded:

Please post them, if you wish. I’m afraid very few people in the rest of TEC ever saw them. I particularly love that the artist(s) chose African faces for the traditional stories.

Mrs. John D (Betsy) took the photos.

Of the picture above, John said:

Actually, this is my favorite, and apropos for Epiphany.


How sad that the lovely cathedral and the beautiful murals are now a pile of rubble.

Of course, compassion and help for the people of Haiti must be our concern before buildings, but I can’t help but grieve the loss of such beauty as the cathedral and the murals.

If you’d like to help, I suggest Episcopal Relief and Development. They’re one of the best, with low overhead and nearly all of the money going to help the people of Haiti.

Temptation of Adam and EveTemptation Toussaint Auguste
NativityNativity Rigaud Benoit CrucifixionCrucifixion Philomé Obin AscensionAscension Castera Bazile
Casting out the Money ChangersCasting out Castera Bazile SanctuarySanctuary and Chapel of St. Mary
Baptism of our LordBaptism Castera Bazile Angels ChoirAngels Choir Jasmin Joseph Feast of Cana in GalileeFeast of Cana Wilson Bigaud

Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, Port-au-Prince, Haiti