Colder and colder.   Finally there is little space left for doing what ducks like to do:  ducking, diving, bathing and paddling around the lake.   So they gather around the lake’s warm spot.  Actually there are two warm spots left.  The morning after this photo was taken, I came by and the spot was nearly frozen over, having a thin skim of ice on it.  I was alarmed by the quiet.  I looked and looked and followed the tracks, but I could not find the ducks. I did my best duck “voice”.  No answer.  I was rattled.  Wondered if I should have gone to the farm store and got some corn for them.

The next day as I was driving up the road I saw them at the far end of the lake in another warm spot at the water’s edge.  Probably another spring comes out there that empties into the side of the lake.   I was relieved to know they were still my neighbors.  Thirty-six of them this year.  A nice big family.  Still there, taking turns, sounding alarms, encouraging one another.

So it is with all of  life.  We have to adjust to the conditions we’re in.  When the lake freezes over, we must look for the warm spot, share it with a friend.  Take turns ducking or swimming.  We may have to eat less, do without.  Sometimes we may even wait for a handout of food from a stranger or give it to one.  It is no sin to need help.  It is a part of our natural state in life.  Disasters strike.  Cold spells come.  Grief grips us in its tender talons.  Still, we lend a hand or gratefully hold onto one.

We wait for spring.  A new dawn.  Another day.  Abundance to return. 

We hope.  We endure.  

Our southern neighbors in Haiti are suffering horribly.  It is so bad that I can barely watch the TV programs.  Too much pain and so many obstacles.   I am glad to see our leaders urging and initiating a quick response.  Lives hang in the balance.  No time to hesitate.  No time for political games.  No time to be reading the devil into it either.  

Love changes everything.   But love cannot bring back the lost ones.   Humanity is humbled and heart-broken.

We will do what we can.   Make it better.

God bless the people of Haiti and God bless the ducks on our little lake.