Lyrics and chords…

           D                     G
West Virginia, oh my home.
            D                          A
West Virginia, where I belong.
In the dead of the night, in the still and the quiet I slip away like a bird
in flight
         D                           A                        D
Back to those hills, the place that I call home.

It’s been years now since I left there
And this city life’s about got the best of me.
I can’t remember why I left so free what I wanted to do, what I wanted to see,
But I can sure remember where I come from.


Well I paid the price for the leavin’
And this life I have is not one I thought I’d find.
Just let me live, love, let my cry, but when I go just let me die
Among the friends who’ll remember when I’m gone.


G         A        D                                                 A
Home, home, home. I can see it so clear in my mind.
G         A       D
Home, home, home. I can almost smell the honeysuckle vines.

Repeat last two lines of chorus

My good friend, Sally, is playing the guitar in the very last segment…along with Ginny the singer.

Many of these folks would hang out at Augusta and some lived in Elkins area while we were there.

It brings a warm feeling to my heart.

(here’s a picture of Sallie, who lives in Idaho now, and her fellow stringband members, The Wild Coyotes…)