iranian rooftops

June 20 2009, Saturday

God Almighty, last night we called you so much…
We cried out for you so very much.
Why wasn’t this — the day?
I have not yet lost hope,
but I’m not that hopeful either.
Listen, the cries are louder,
Much louder.

Why are you sleeping?
Why don’t you say something?
Why don’t you show some reaction?
We have put our lives in the palm of your hands.
Why don’t you show yourself?
We are all doing the best we can.

Allah o Akbar! (repeats in the background from the rooftops, growing more loud)

This is our voice.
A voice that has no other outlet.
This is our voice that comes from the depths of our souls.
Oh God! Why did you leave us so defenseless?

Oh God! they’re calling you, Listen!
Listen Up! They are calling to you!
If you are sleeping, Wake up!
This is no time for sleeping.
This time you must listen!
Listen closely.
Listen, so you won’t have any excuses when we meet in the afterlife…
So you won’t say “I didn’t hear your voices.”
Don’t say we didn’t call for you to hear us!
Listen closely.
All of them are calling you.
Listen closely.