Here are some snapshots of the beautiful marsh near our waterfront spot in Maryland.  In the second shot, my husband is trying to train some of the flower vines to grow up the trellis.   We relax here.  We can spend time with friends, have time for quiet and or read a book, and here we can observe the pulses and rhythms of nature in the wild.

neighbors headed out to the open water

Across the marsh on the other side of the river there is bald eagle’s nest.  Sometimes the eagle ventures to our island and once it got into a quarrel with an osprey just above our camping site and the osprey survived.  The marsh is loaded with canadian geese, mallards, red-winged blackbirds, several species of swallow, cormorants, and an occasional loon.  In the winter we see the arrival of masses of tundra swans that will return to the arctic circle when breeding.

It has been our joy to spend our hours observing the birds and the river environment, to familiarize ourselves with tidal waters and the vast Potomac River.

Mouth of the Port Tobacco near where it meets the the Potomac:  for additional pictures…just click “river retreat” listed above 

Bird Identification Site 

Port Tobacco River Conservancy