Creations of the Heavens
Susan Kelly vonMedicus:  taken from a 10th Century Sicilian mosaic

Last year, as 2007 was beginning, I had initiated two efforts in my life that were commitments of extensive time and energy:  I began a blog that would express changes and impressions regarding my spiritual journey and I continued a blog regarding the occupation of Iraq.  In both of these endeavours I was a newcomer and I had little idea where my work would lead me.

Both blogs have continued with postings on an almost daily basis.  My learning has consisted of viewing many other internet sites to dig for information and keep me abreast of what fellow bloggers are doing and to help me find up-to-date and reliable information about the war.  I have also learned a bit about posting technique.

The first of the two blogs, this one, has evolved into a pattern of occasional personal sharing alongside a collection of writings, photographs and other graphics that express aspects of life in ways that touch and move my spiritual core.

As some of my readers may know, the journey has been a fruitful one. 

Over the months I have developed a variety of sources and sharings that speak enough to my friends and online readers that I have a fairly faithful following and readership.  I tweak my friends and acquaintances often by sending out emails regarding my latest postings.  But it is up to them whether they actually click and go to the web pages or not.  Other readers come from the vast anonymous potential of the internet itself:  folks who happen on to my site, read about the site through other web bloggers, and folks who click on a spot like google looking for information on a particular topic or idea.

How much it is helpful to these readers remains somewhat of a mystery, although I hear occasionally from my friends and family in emails and from readers in comments on the blogs themselves.  I have intentionally kept my individual identity confidential.  Partly this is done because of issues of internet safety and more importantly to me it is done because I want the message of the site to remain in the forefront.

The Iraq War blog is also anonymous.  It has been a much more successful blog, in internet measures.  There are more visitors.  I rarely suggest to my friends that they should read a posting there.  It has become completely self-generating.  In August I began to measure its readership and depending on which measure I use, the site seems to generate more than double my seeking spirit site, often as much as 200 readers daily.  Both sites have developed a global readership and the Iraq site is now being referenced by fellow bloggers as well as some of the traditional news agencies and daily papers from time to time.

Some of my resolutions for the past year have fallen by the wayside.  I worked for several weeks on a weight loss program and let it go after some initial success.  I am ending the year a bit smaller than I was last year when I had lost 35 pounds.   My goal this next year is to get back into the gym more often and to regain some of my flexibilty and physical agility that I had lost as a result of some injuries and reduced activity and to continue a program of weight loss.

I hope to keep my two blogs going next year.  And I hope that I can make room for the time I need to spend at the gym or in other activities that keep me fit. 

These are my goals for 2008. 

For readers who may have chanced to make it to the end of this posting, I want to say how much I appreciate your time, thought and effort.

Happy New Year 2008.