When I was in my late 30’s, I had to commute from my home to my office over fifty miles, across Point Mountain, each way.  I drove the route for two years and found I could enjoy the travel and the quiet time.  For most of the trip I usually tuned in to a classical program that not only had a variety of music but also included explanations about musical forms and patterns.  It had a soothing piece of music opening and closing each segment and I really enjoyed the time listening.

My office there overlooked a town park that was at the confluence of two rivers and its most special spot for me was the swinging bridge that I could see from my window. 

Over the seasons the views along the way were constantly changing.  In the spring I would begin to notice where all the flowers were growing alongside the roads, and after a while I became acquainted with the best spots to stop and gather a few species.  Often, by the time I reached my office I would have a lovely bouquet of several kinds of wildflowers.  Some of my favorites were bee balm, cardinal flowers, flame azaleas, queen anne’s lace, ox-eyed daisies, rose mallow, black-eyed susan, and even sweet dame’s rocket, which were the most rare and unusual for me.

Over the months I discovered several side routes.  One took me through a secluded Swiss village, Helvetia, where long-ago immigrants have been able to maintain their way of life.  Another route took me along the river bank on roads that were often broken and rut-filled and I was always so proud when I could make my way even though it was a challenge.

This route also took me through some second growth forest areas that were deeply covered and serene.