I am the ship,

My billowing sails will hold, though tempests lash and tear!

The hungry waves in fury seek to rend me bow to stern, undaunted I remain…

My Captain steers our course into the sun.

I am the Light. Though monstrous shadows lurk with cunning guile,
And seek to shroud the way . . . to cow the self with phantoms of the night,

Courageously I shed my radiance . . .dispel the gloom.

I am the force That staunchly stands immovable and firm . . . foundations strong. Savagely protective . . . pliable . . . serene

I am the soul of adoration, weaving dreams of stardust , cosmic ecstacy.

I am the Alpha . . .the Omega . . . the dream . . . reality, that brings rich promise of eternities to come.

I am spirit led by love . . . your other self am I . . .
The song of hope that whispers in the breeze with soft caress, I beckon and entice towards mystic shores.

Aspiration by Ann Davies, 1943