The last few weeks we have been able to leave our windows open in our home. The morning symphony of numerous birds awakens us. I have been so moved by these morning greetings that I decided I would try to find a poem and some pictures that might capture them.

I looked and looked and then I had a memory of singing a choral work from the Australian Bush which replicated the morning sounds of birds in its lyrics. The Maryland Choral Society, under the Artistic Direction of Jason Gotshall, sang Iain Grandage’s Three Australian Bush Songs just a few seasons ago. I looked around online and found a section of the work that captures the sounds of the Australian Kookaburra (above), Currawongs (below), and Cicada. This section, Dawn and Birds, is sung by the Dawson County High School Chamber Chorus. I recommend its sound to you. You may have to click again the proper title listing after clicking the site below.

Three Australian Bush Songs