The labyrinth here is a tool to use in contemplative prayer and meditation. Labyrinths are often confused with mazes. But while a maze has dead ends and blind alleys, the labyrinth has only one path leading both in and out of the center. The labyrinth is flat. One can always see the center. The destination is assured, so that the mind can be still and attentive.

Walking the labyrinth clears the mind and gives us insight into our spiritual journeys. The labyrinth does nothing on its own. It is simply a tool helpful for many people in deepening their prayer lives. Each walk into and out of the labyrinth is a unique opportunity to meet our creative, loving God through contemplative prayer.

The pattern above is the labyrinth pattern built into the floor of Chartres Cathedral in France more than 800 years ago. It is the best known Christian labyrinth design, and the pattern for the labyrinth to built into the floor of the worship space in our new building at King of Peace….

Walking the Healing Path