Last weekend we were expecting that it would be our last time this year to spend time with my brother and his wife Nancy. For several weeks Roger had been working on a set of tables and chairs to be used by the granddaughters on their playhouse roof garden.

I would estimate that Roger spent more than 40 hours carefully planning, cutting, constructing and finally painting these intricate chairs, including an adirondack chair he cut out based on one he looked at in our neighborhood, along with a matching picnic table. As you can see here, the table is quite an accomplishment. It was a thoughtful gift, don’t you think?

So, the granddaughters and all the family were invited over to see what Roger had done and to enjoy the new playhouse addition. Here are the pictures we took Saturday of Emily in play, along with Annabelle in a game of “I have your nose, I have your ear” with aunt Nancy. Noses and ears were disappearing into the funniest of places, only to be found by Annabelle with great glee. Here Nancy is offering Annabelle back her ear while Uncle Roger and daddy look on.